Is GoDaddy Web Hosting Any Good?

It is a well-known fact that GoDaddy has established itself as a reputed company worldwide. But the question arises is how beneficial can it be for your business? The popular website builder is of immense help for all those who plan to set up their own professional website corresponding to a small business.  They have various customizable designs which have been efficiently divided by the experts into templates which are industry specific. I think that if you have a close look at the prices offered by them you will find out that there are three kinds of packages, namely Business plus, Personal and Business. Irrespective of the fact that the products are out there for sale there are absolutely no free trials and this is not very good news for many. In case you have used the Wix editor which has been successfully created by its competitors, then you must have definitely experienced déjà vu. All the aspects including the weaker characteristics are similar to the Website Builder offered by this company.

Some of the amazing characteristics of GoDaddy’s Website Builder are listed below

  • Can be Used Easily – You need to know that the editor can be understood with great ease as it is very basic.
  • Flexibility and Choice of Design – The designs which they offer are very modern and there are some versions which are mobile friendly. But if you are planning to switch over the theme the content will be lost. You will not be able to carry out editing of HTML/CSS like in the case of the Version 6. I feel that there is one disadvantage that you will not be able to carry out font changes site-wide with ease.
  • Free from Advertisement – GoDaddy offers you ad option in the footer which can be turned off with great ease.
  • Languages – You will be happy to see that the editor, as well as, the dashboard is present in French, Spanish, English, Italian and several other languages. Other than Google Translate you will find that there is no other multi-lingual site feature.

Some of the Features Are:-

  • You will notice that almost every plan of GoDaddy consists of a domain. You get the opportunity to leave or transfer the existing one at the present registrar and you can bring it out to GoDaddy’s notice.
  • You can easily make navigations with the help of the three levels. I feel that this is sufficient for most of the pages. But the menu which is present for editing the navigational hierarchy is quite confusing as there are various places which carry out similar kind of things.
  • It includes most of the apps which are important, like Google Maps, Facebook-Share, YouTube Videos and much more. The listing app takes care of prices, listing houses, etc. and makes this very convenient. Also MP3 streaming player is impressive. After getting funding from the investors, it is in the news that Godaddy is one of the biggest company on the entire globe for providing domains. This news has been covered at many places. You can also check Godaddy vs Bluehost comparison to know how well it performs in front of its competitors.
  • You get the opportunity to easily add Google AdSense, add banners or other affiliate links.
  • This amazing Website Builder makes the addition of the PayPal Store very convenient. You get Quick Shopping Cart which is an ultimate eCommerce solution. But in case you wish to use this you will have to upgrade your existing plan.
  • The website builder provides efficient integration to blog feed which is external types like WordPress or Blogger.
  • You will be happy to know that the SEO Wizard helps you in editing the various areas like headline tags, page title, description, etc. Why people like to buy Bluehost Hosting is that they run sale throughout the year and incase you want to buy the world class hosting on a very cheap price you must buy Bluehost web hosting. You can get this Bluehost web hosting coupons from here.
  • In case, you require statistical tools you will have to look out for other solutions like Google Analytics.
  • I find the form editor very impressive as it can be completely customized and has some presets.
  • There is no option of password protection for selected pages or entire websites. I don’t understand why exactly this option has not been included by GoDaddy.
  • There is an option of Express Email Marketing.
  • I like the option of an addition of the third party widgets and apps. You get to add the code of the site-wide nature like JavaScript.
  • You don’t have to worry at all about storage space (Personal – 1GB, Business Plus – 50 GB and Business – 10 GB). The range of the bandwidth limit offered is 150 to 1000GB.
  • You do not get email support, but you get other faculties like knowledge base, live chat and phone support.
  • I like the part that you are able to make backups without any issues.


My feelings about the GoDaddy’s Website Builder are mixed types. I found the fresh designs and SEO Wizard very neat. But still there are several important aspects which are missing like lack of function of proper blogging or the pages which are password protected. You do not get the solution of the incorporated online shop. According to me this website builder is definitely well-intentioned but some work needs to be carried out for improvement. It is an affordable option, but there are better ones out there.